A few questions we get quite often:

Is Take Out for me?
If you’re a restaurant or food establishment owner that would like to grow their business, then yes! We designed Take Out especially for you!

I don’t know anything about PR or marketing, where should I start? 
That’s why you have us!  If you’d like an introduction, start with our PR 101 blog entry. It gives you a basic overview of what PR is, how it works and ideas for when and how to use PR.  From there, explore other blog topicslike how one restaurant used PR for a super successful launch, who’s who in the editorial office and 3 marketing activities every restaurant should be doing. 

If you’re still confused, you can book a 1:1 with one of our Take Out PR experts. 

How much time should I be allocating to this stuff?
We’ve designed Take Out to be easy and buildable, so you can do one thing this month and one thing next month or three things in one month depending on your available time.  We recommend you allocate at least 4-6 hours/month on marketing and PR – that’s only an hour a week, and more when you are opening a new establishment or executing one of our larger programs.

I am having trouble opening my downloaded file, what should I do?
Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader! You’ll need it to open and read the guides.  If you don’t, you can download a free version.

If it’s still not working, reach out to us at hello@takeoutpr.com.

I purchased one of the guides and realized I won’t be able to execute this on my own.  Is there an option to have your help?
Yes! You can book a 1:1 with one of our Take Out experts, and we’ll give you a hand to execute your PR program.  You can book a one-hour call for $125, or 3 one-hour calls for $300. In a 1:1 call we can answer your questions, walk you through exercises, provide strategic suggestions for getting press, or conduct practice interviews. How you use your call can be up to you, or we can set the agenda – whichever will be most helpful.

My media list has emails that have bounced back or the person is not responding. What should I do?
Just like many people, media often change job positions. If you receive a bounce back, please let us know at hello@takeoutpr.com and we’ll update the list and provide you with a new contact.  If you aren’t getting a response from a media person, we also encourage you to use the phone numbers provided in your media list.  Please, please just remember that everyone is busy, and it may require a follow up note and a little bit of patient persistence :)

Do I need to have any PR or marketing experience to execute these programs?
No, you don’t need PR experience.  We’ve designed these guides in a way that breaks down PR and marketing in a way that’s easy to use for everyone -especially those that have little or no experience.

I did everything and it's not working. What now?
Oftentimes, PR takes patience. If you’re having difficulty getting the results you desire, contact us at hello@takeoutpr.com to schedule a 1:1 call.  We offer complimentary 15-minute call to help resolve issues and to make sure Take Out is a great success for your restaurant!

Can I cut and paste the press release template into my own word document and use it? What about the other materials?
Yes, these templates are designed so you can cut and paste them into a document or email and make them your own.

My friend also owns a restaurant.  Can I share my guides with her/him?
No. When you purchase your guides, they are intended for your restaurant only. Under our Terms & Conditions, re-selling and sharing are expressly prohibited. We’re a small business too, so if you love Take Out, please help us spread the word to restaurants who will benefit from an easy-to-execute PR, marketing and social media plan – like you did!

If I only chose one guide, which one should it be?
It’s always so hard to just choose one! But if you must, think about what’s most important to you right now. Is it that you are just opening? If so, we recommend our grand opening guide.  If you are struggling with getting more business, you might find our social media guide or reviews guide a good place to start.

Still stuck? Email us at hello@takeoutpr.com.  Include a brief “about your business” and what you’ve defined as your goals.  We’ll happily make a couple recommendations for where to start.  

Can I sell my guide to a friend if I’m not going to use it?
No, the resale of our guides is expressly prohibited in our Terms & Conditions.  If you purchase a guide that you can’t use, please reach out to us at hello@takeoutpr.com.

Return policy: Can I get a refund?
No, since our guides are automatic downloads and can’t be returned, we cannot provide a refund.  However, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, please reach out to us at hello@takeoutpr.com and we’ll work to provide an exchange or the support you need to execute it.

I signed-up, but didn’t receive the 7 tips.
Please email us at hello@takeoutpr.com and we’ll send you the tips!