The One Thing You Should Always Do in a Media Interview

For restaurateurs and food establishment owners, connecting with people daily is a part of their business. And to gain a little attention, connecting with influential people like reporters or bloggers is a must.  In many instances, this requires the owner or chef to engage in media interviews where a reporter will come with questions related to a story they are writing about your restaurant (which you presumably pitched).

For some, the prospect of being interviewed by a reporter is exciting, but for others, it’s nerve-wracking, causing anxiety and discomfort. Many of our clients experience the latter until they have a few interviews under their belt. At which point, they become much more comfortable speaking to media and engage with them frequently to give their business a boost. 

But for those first interviews, the unusual nature of the experience requires some preparation and support. That’s why we created this handy guide to help you interview like a pro with important tips and reminders for how to host a successful interview—starting with creating your key messages.  And with this knowledge in place, the one most important thing you must do in every interview—smile! It will demonstrate that you are relaxed and happy, both good signs for a prosperous future.  

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Millennials Want Take Out

The topic of millennial habits is a hot one right now and every company, brand and organization is trying to understand and reach this generation.  For you, one piece of good news was recently shared by Inc. magazine suggesting that there are two things millennials can’t stop buying - fast food and coffee.

The findings come from a TD Bank poll of 1,500 millennial consumers asking about buying habits. Notably, these two categories are where millennials spend more money than Gen X and Baby Boomers.  While age (and lack of kids) may be a factor, the article suggests it’s more likely about convenience.  This is a huge win for all types of restaurants and food establishments who seek to reach this audience, because along with experience, eating out is all about ease.

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