Top Food Bloggers on Instagram

Follow these Foodie Feeds on Instagram

Social media is a driving force in the restaurant industry. It gives customers a front row seat to what’s happening in your restaurant, lets them interact with you in a fun and personable way, and ideally convinces them that your food is so delicious they must try it.  

So, who in the food industry is rockin’ Instagram? Read on to see who we turn to for inspiration.

1.       Lee Tilghan

Lee is our must-follow food stylist. She makes everything from avocado toast to a bowl full of vegetables look absolutely delicious! Follow her for serious inspiration on how to make your food look interesting and appealing in photos.

2.       New Fork City

Honestly... Wow🦄 Credit: @glutenfreeing #newforkcity

A photo posted by New Fork City® (@new_fork_city) on

We love how New Fork City gives shout outs to local eateries. Sharing is caring, and tapping into your community is a vital way to gain attention – especially when you’re first starting out.

3.       Rolf and Daughters

@josephcrenshaw holding down the daily. #everyday

A video posted by rolfanddaughters (@rolfanddaughters) on

This Nashville restaurant gives followers a behind-the-scenes look at their establishment. You’ll see the chefs making fresh pasta daily, grilling meat, and more. Pro Instagram tip: customers love having a court-side seat to the kitchen action.

4.       Black Tap

Black Tap clearly knows how to tap into their “wow-factor.” Those sundaes are serious conversation starters and sharing photos that make followers say “holy cow!” will generate buzz and help create a line out the door.

5.       Perch

We love Friday night!

A photo posted by Perch (@perchlosangeles) on

Perch in Los Angeles strikes the perfect balance of showcasing food, drinks and the ambiance of their spot. After seeing this photo, who wouldn’t want to head to the rooftop for music and cocktails on a Friday night? 

The 3 mistakes restaurants make on social media

We know many restaurant owners worry about how to engage in social media, manage it and somehow manage to also do it well. Let us help! We have our Social Media 101 Guide, which shares all of our secrets for ultimate social media success. But first and foremost, we’d like to share the common mistakes we see restaurants make all the time.

takeout 3.jpg

Not having social media at all

Facebook is the new website. When searching for your restaurant, customers will often look for your business on social media first. Why? They want to get a vibe of your establishment, see pictures of dishes and see what their friends and community think.  If they don’t find you, they will likely move on to another dining option, and it’s probably a nearby competitor who shows up in their Facebook feed instead.

Also, taking pictures of a meal to post on Facebook or Instagram has become a part of our culture. If you’re not on social media, it’s a missed opportunity to not be mentioned in those shared photos, and it can be disappointing for customers who are looking to engage.

Never posting

But you have a social media page! Hooray, that’s a start, but it’s also important that you keep the content fresh!

Knock, knock – is anybody home?! If a potential patron goes to your Facebook page and sees that you haven’t posted in months, they might wonder if you’ve closed your doors. This will lead to either a phone call to find out if you are open or a redirect to another restaurant.  Both options being less optimal than them finding you, seeing what you’re up to and joining you for dinner.

Making business profiles a little too personal

Your restaurant’s social media profiles should be relevant and interesting to your customers. Save personal updates for your personal page. So what should you post about? A few ideas include restaurant events, new dishes, neighborhood happenings, and relevant holidays like Valentine’s Day or Easter (brunch!!). What should you not post about? Personal opinions, politics, religion, and never, ever complain.

If you’d like to learn more about how social media can give your restaurant a boost, check out our Social Media 101 guide. And sign up for our newsletter to receive free tips and tricks about promoting your establishment.