5 restaurants in Cleveland that caught our eye

Take Out is always on the hunt for new dining experiences and food that will knock our socks off. So, we asked our friends for a virtual tour of Cleveland faves and here they are!

Ohio’s first Nationally Certified Green Restaurant, The Greenhouse Tavern, cooks up sustainable cuisine using local ingredients that you won’t forget. Everyone is sure to find something and we love the focus on GMO-free and organic.  

Looking for a relaxed, casual dining experience, drop by The Butcher and The Brewer. This brewpub is a great place to meet up with friends, and who knows, you might just make a few new ones thanks to its community-style seating. All items on the menu are made to share, which gives you the opportunity to try a few different dishes. Plus the brewmaster uses his education in science to create one-of-a-kind, innovative beer that people travel from all over the country to experience.

Momocho is not your typical taco place. It offers creatively crafted and exciting modern Mexican food that is almost too pretty to eat. Momocho prides itself on being innovative and hip, appealing to a younger crowd. They also use seasonal and local ingredients, which are sure to leave your taste buds tingling for more!

Want some amazing Italian cuisine? Then you need to check out Michaelangelo’s in Little Italy. It provides a cozy contemporary atmosphere with dishes brought to you by award-winning executive chef, Michael Annandono. It is the perfect place to go for a romantic evening or to relax in a causal environment with great food and friends

Coastal Taco brings a beachy, laid back vibe to the waterfront of Lake Erie where they are serving up inventive, larger than life tacos at affordable prices. It’s a great place to sit outside on their massive patio and soak up the lake views with friends and family while sipping a homemade soda or a classic cocktail and consuming tacos that are sure to make a be splash.

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5 Seattle Gluten-Free Spots We’re Loving Right Now 

For those who are celiac, dining out can be a bit of a minefield when it comes to finding truly gluten-free options.  And if you’re just looking to cut back on bread (easier said than done), it can feel like a salad is your only option at times. Luckily, Seattleites have a number of tasty (really) options -- so grab your GF and check out these delicious GF spots!

For those of you gluten-free friends with a sweet tooth, you can have your cake and eat it too. Nuflours’ specialty is bakery goods and sweet treats, all crafted in a 100% GF kitchen. Since opening, they’ve expanded to offer breakfast and lunch, too. Nuflours is centrally located on Capitol Hill and well worth a visit.

Razzi's Pizzeria
Pizza + bread seem pretty inseparable. But fear not, pizza lovers, there’s plenty of gluten-free options out there today, and Razzi’s is a great Seattle option. They’re even certified gluten-free, so you can rest assured if you’re especially prone to gluten reactions. Be sure to check out their gluten-free beer and cider options, too.

Capitol Cider
Having only been to Capitol Cider for shuffleboard and ciders on the weekend, it took a while to realize that the entire kitchen is gluten-free -- not just their ciders! The atmosphere easily morphs from day to night in this space, thanks to a clean-but-casual vibe and lots of board games to entertain. Don’t miss out on their gluten-free fish and chips, which are shockingly good!

Itto's Tapas
Itto’s Tapas is a delicious stop-in, gluten-free or not, with a variety of Moroccan and Spanish small plates. While their menu isn’t 100% gluten-free, it’s pretty close -- about 95% of options are GF-friendly. Their creative cocktails round out the experience and keep things fun for all diners.

Cafe Flora
An oldie but a goodie. Cafe Flora is a Madison Valley institution, well-known for it’s delicious vegetarian-friendly options. Fortunately, it’s also a haven for the gluten-free crowd and even has its own gluten-free fryer to prevent fraternizing ingredients. Their menu is packed with seasonal veggies and thoughtful takes on meat-free recipes.Simply ask to dine off their gluten-free menu and you’re set.

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Case Study: Salad Success in Austin

Vinaigrette is a sustainable farm to table wellness concept centered on delicious gourmet entrée salads. Founded by chef and farmer Erin Wade in the healing desert of New Mexico, the restaurant’s two locations in Santa Fe and Albuquerque have enjoyed great financial success with a loyal customer base since opening in 2008 and 2013 respectively.

Staying close to her southwest roots, Wade chose the growing city of Austin, TX for her third location and first outside New Mexico.

The restaurant scene in Austin, best known for its BBQ, tacos and food trucks, is especially dynamic and competitive today with a constant stream of new restaurant openings.  

To make Vinaigrette stand out and connect with locals, Take Out PR worked with Erin to develop and tell Vinaigrette’s unique Austin story. More than 15 press attended the soft opening resulting in widespread local coverage that put Vinaigrette on the map instantly.

Photo credit: Taste of KoKo

Photo credit: Taste of KoKo

In addition to inviting food and lifestyle press to the soft opening to secure opening coverage, we worked with the Austin Business Journal to tell a more in-depth feature story about Erin and Vinaigrette. 

Beyond the ABJ exclusive and opening news stories, Vinaigrette was included in coverage about where to eat for the popular SXSW 2016 festival, just three weeks after opening.  And because we prioritized getting to know the local media and made meaningful connections with each one of them, Vinaigrette and Wade are being sought regularly for stories.  

Photo Credit: Arnold Wells/ABJ

Photo Credit: Arnold Wells/ABJ

Additionally, Vinaigrette hosted the Austin Food Blogger’s Alliance for happy hour, which provided a big boost on Instagram and Facebook.

Below is a sampling of Vinaigrette’s early coverage.

Key Take Outs:

  • Storytelling is a top priority- write your own story first before the media starts to write it.
  • Pitch an exclusive business feature story about your new restaurant, the owner or the chef.
  • Put the time and effort in up front to build media relationships. Doing so will pay off though ongoing media coverage.
  • Host your local food bloggers for a special tasting or event. They are especially great about sharing photos and posts on social media.


A Sampling of Austin Media Coverage:

Zagat, 15 Family Friendly Restaurants that Rock, April 19

Austin Way, Where to Find Delicious Spring Salads, April 8

Austin Monthly, Dining Spotlight—Kale Yeah! March 28

CultureMap, A Guide to SXSW Dining by Austin’s Top Food Blogger

Austin Business Journal, Branching Out with a Comfort Food Vibe, February 19