3 ideas to refresh your menu for spring

Spring has officially sprung! Check out these three tips to refresh your menu to reflect the new season. 

  1. Lighten it up! If your menu traditionally uses bold or dark colors, use the spring season as an opportunity to give it a face lift.
    • Lighten up colors by using a lighter tint or tone of your brand colors.
    • Clear all the clutter and optimize white space to give your menu a light and airy feel.
  2. Change the focus! Think about the foods and drinks your customers are looking for in the warmer months.
    • Switch the attention to lighter food options, such as salads instead of heavy soups.
    • Capitalize on the start of farmers markets and add fresh, seasonal ingredients to your menu.
    • Add more breakfast and brunch items due to spring and summer holidays, such as Mother’s and Father’s Day.
  3. Make it obvious! If you want to promote your lighter menu items, make it easier for your customers to find them.
    • Highlight new or important items by adding elements to draw the diner’s attention to it – put a box around it or highlight a featured image of the dish.
    • Place your best-selling items in the places that the diner’s eye goes to first, usually in the upper-right hand corner of the menu.

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