Event success with these 4 elements!

 A grand opening event is a great way to celebrate and engage your community, including local media and influencers.  We’ve been to a few parties and here are four of our favorite tricks for event success!

Hashtag it! By building a specific hashtag for your event, you will build engagement with the attendees and bring the conversation together. It also will allow people to find photos from the event, as well as information.  Tip: choose a # that is simple, memorable and related to the event. Most importantly, make it something that nobody has used before (or has been minimally used)! #Noodlemeisopen, #partayatsammys, #eatatluc

Cheeeese! We live in a photo-first society! That means lots and lots of photo and/or selfie taking. Make it easy for your guests to remember your event by having a Polaroid on hand!

Drinks on me! Coasters are an inexpensive way to get your restaurant logo and messaging out there. You can create an entire marketing program around them that will make your guests take pictures and share them on social media to start a conversation. They are also a fantastic opportunity to further promote your custom event hashtag and/or use them as an incentive to return to your restaurant with a coupon or advertisement for happy hour.

Can I get a signature!? Create a custom signature cocktail for your event! It’s another opportunity to set yourself apart and create a conversation topic – “are you a sunshine seeker or cold & bold?”

Follow these four key ingredients, your event is sure to be a hit! Don’t forget to sign up for your Free 7 Tips to Get PR for your event and make your restaurant a success! Connect with us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram and let us know how you plan to make your event special!