The Importance of Great Menu Design

Creating a memorable brand is a key part of any restaurant’s success. And it should be cohesively conveyed throughout the food, interior design, logo, website and the menus.

A restaurant’s menu is so important! The right menu acts as an advertising tool, conveying the kind of experience your clientele can expect to have. Is your restaurant upscale, down-home or comfortable? Your menu should reflect that! The goal behind great menu design is to make diners excited to be there and to be memorable enough that they want to come back and recommend the restaurant to friends and family.

So, before designing your next menu, consider the following:

Research your competitors: what do their menus look like and how could yours be different or better; further – what can you offer that your competitors can’t?

  • Consider your restaurant’s location and how it relates to your neighborhood; for example: 
    •  How does pricing match up with other restaurants in the area?
    • Does your menu offer enough variety? Or is it similar to others in the neighborhood?
  • What is the #1 thing you want customers to remember from your menu?

Once you have done the research, start thinking about the design. Again, the menu should reflect your restaurant’s personality and tone. Are you classy and sophisticated? Fun and carefree? Relaxed and casual? A clean and simple menu can convey an elevated, refined experience. A colorful and loud menu can express a fun, lighthearted atmosphere.

Now, consider these quick tips to make your menu great:

  • Arrange items in order of the diner’s experience: appetizers first, then salads, etc.
  • Don’t make the print too small because your menu should be easy to read and understand
  • Highlight new or important items by adding elements to catch the diner’s attention, like a box around a special or a featured image of the dish
  • Place your best-selling or most expensive items in the places that your customer’s eye goes to first, which is usually the upper-right hand corner of a menu

If you are looking for additional help designing your menu to ensure it best reflects your restaurant, check out our Custom Menu Design service to see how we can take your menu to the next level!