Do I need PR?

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Frequently friends, colleagues or guests may suggest you hire a PR firm to get some buzz about your business. You may know what a PR firm is and does, or it may be a new concept to you (if so, check out our PR 101 blog). Either way, you may still be uncertain if you need PR — whether it’s hiring a firm or executing your own PR with our easy-to-use tools. 

After almost two decades of practicing PR, we’ve developed a clear understanding of when a company should execute PR. While we’re are not clairvoyant, there are a handful of tried and true questions that can predict your readiness to partner with a PR firm or initiate your own promotion with our help. 

Take a few minutes to ask and answer the following honestly. If you answer yes to at least three, exploring a PR partnership or executing a campaign yourself may be the right next step:

  • Do you have a desire to communicate to a specific audience?
  • Does your business have a great, timely story to tell?
  • Is your team, including management/owners bought into the value of PR?
  • Do you have a dedicated point of contact to interface with and share information with your PR team or drive the execution of your own in-house PR activities PR?
  • Is your menu, service or establishment unique?
  • Do you have happy customers that will read about your business and share it with their friends?
  • Do you have a spokesperson who can talk to media confidently about your business?

If you answered “yes” to more than three, we strongly encourage that you explore PR further. You can start by signing up for our newsletter to get 7 tips for free PR.