Your Take Out team is a group of seasoned PR and communications professionals with more than a dozen years running a successful lifestyle PR firm in Seattle. Our clients include restaurants, caterers, food products, and beverage companies that sought to partner with a smart, passionate and connected team to help them spread the word, create buzz, increase business and enjoy successful growth. 

As foodies, avid restaurant-goers and expert promoters we wanted to help all of our favorite restaurants successfully promote their unique menus, chefs and events. But frankly, there were just too many of you and not enough of us, so we grabbed ourselves some Take Out and went to work creating these how-to resources, templates and products that allow restaurateurs to promote themselves and their establishments. 

We get it. You don’t have much time for promotion, but we promise, you do have time for Take Out—a quick, easy and effective offering for you to get the word out and bring customers in. 

And it’s proven. We’ve spent the last 12 years perfecting the puzzle so you can have your PR to go, savoring the benefits of our years of experience and the cost-effective execution of our do-it-yourself program.